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After finishing high school and making graffiti in public space for several years Zedz started a study at the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam and graduates in 1998. Since this day he works an independent artist/ designer. Zedz’s work mainly consists out of abstracted typography, the dimensional approach and style of lettering could be considered his artistic signature. By interfering in public space with huge mural paintings and his recent installation works involving audience as integral part of his works, his work is getting more and more socially engaged.

Zedz also known as Ronald van der Voet is making graffiti since the mid eighties and his current work is in its essence still strongly related to the pure format of ‘writing culture’ and graffiti while at the same the is researching and exploring new ways and formats. Whilst not loosing out of sight some key graffiti principles the work is pushing and pulling on the boundaries, crossing over and turning limitations into advantages generating new thoughts and ideas concerning the topic of expressive lettering and the way we use the urban landscape and take our surroundings for granted.
The collaboration with MUA ( Maurer United Architects) 1999-2002 is a good example of Zedz more unconventional approach and research methods,and shows how Zedz’s work balances on the thin
line between for example graffiti and architecture. The experimental collaboration resulted in several proposals for ‘graffiti-architecture’ which is actually an invention made up in this creative process. In
a later stadium this early research resulted also in a series of -temporary- monumental sculptures in public space functioning as street furniture. The works could be best described as crossovers between graffiti and it’s dimensional environment (architecture) and by creating these works it seems Zedz is exchanging spraycans for building materials which is in some sense also the direction he chooses in his more illustrative studies and studio works.

Since his study at the Academy of fine arts Zedz is working in public space (outdoors) and exposing work to the public through a more or less underground and lmore established exhibition/ gallery scene also. The public installations have appeared on several occasions in diverse European cities and small- er communities ( Tunis/Prague/Roma/Manchester a.o)
Fields of Zedz interest are architecture, design, streetart and graffiti, public space, philosophy, fash- ion, robots, the relation between design and physical experiences, interaction design and interaction between different disciplines. The motivation for creating his work is to in depth research his topics and share knowledge.