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Chez 186 and Sarme are Croatian graffiti writers based in Zagreb and currently they are one of the most active and visible artists on the national graffiti scene. Their work is also well respected and known across the Balkans.

Chez 186 has been active at the Croatian graffiti scene for 20 years and his specific style has marked currently active generation of graffiti artists in Zagreb and Croatia. 20 years ago he started with what one would define as a classic style, which has through years of experimentation developed into abstraction. He had never completely left basic graffiti rules, but rather plays with them within the sphere of an abstract.

Sarme is currently one of the most active and best representatives of Zagreb graffiti scene, where he has been actively involved for the last 15 years. You can see his work spread around many various surfaces, involving legal walls, street, but also media such as canvas or digital work. During the last few years he has been developing his specific style focused on cartoons and movies, using simple outlines combined with abstract motives.

These two artists have recently intensified their joint cooperation and they have jointly painted few bigger walls around the country, creating a real fusion of their specific styles that take out the best out of their work. They paint together regardless is it a big international festival or simple Sunday afternoon, so their common work is just getting better and more innovative, which they prove by every new project they do.